Apple Glasses? iGlass? What’s really going on…

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about Apple and new products is, of course, secrecy and it is for a good reason: Apple is one of the best companies at guarding its new products against the prying eyes of the media and the general public. They do so by ensuring nothing enters and leaves Apple’s buildings and factories without them knowing; for example, they employ former government intelligence agents and carry out meticulous searches on factory employees that would put the TSA to shame.

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All of this, however, cannot shroud all their activities in secrecy and we, the eager customers who are just waiting to throw away our money on another one of Apple’s over-priced “innovations”, get a glimpse of what is yet to come.

If we look closely at the companies Apple has acquired over the past years we can see that they stand out from what other technology giants are doing. Google and Microsoft, for example, buy many small start-up companies in hopes of make it profitable and they do so regularly; subsequently, many of these companies purchased usually do not make any profit, and it is common that many may fail.

Conversely, Apple only buys companies once they are sure of its use and are confident that it will be implemented in a future product. For example, Apple brought Siri which naturally became Siri (Apple’s voice assistant). However, now, within recent years, Apple began to buy companies related to Augmented Reality, eye tracking and small, yet powerful, screens.

All leading to the idea of glasses made by Apple!

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In conclusion, this is only speculation at the moment nevertheless it doesn’t stop us from eagerly jumping to conclusions, and this is only fuelled by the fact that Apple will never admit to this. Personally, I do not doubt in my mind that we will soon see Apple releasing its glasses in years to come. Mainly due to the fact that Apple is the only company that can push us to buy its innovations and- unlike the Google glasses which failed miserably due to its high price (higher than iPhone prices!) and its bulky design- Apple will undoubtedly have a much better design; even if the price is high. After all, what do we expect from Apple!

The only question left is what will it be called?


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