Foldable phones? Do we really need them?

It has long been portrayed in science fiction that we would be carrying around mobile phones that could be folded into small packages when in our pockets and then, simply, unfolded like a map into something more usable. This was previously not possible to fold our phones mainly due to the fact that the screens would snap and/or the seam on which the phone would be folded would be of no practical use (not usable screen space).

That is up until now…

Foldable Phone Designs –


The company TCL, mostly known for their televisions and displays, have recently patented the design for a foldable phone which is able to turn into a wristband; though TCL is not the unique pioneers of the first design and the notion of attaching two separate screens with no bezel {“a ring with a cut around the inside used to hold something such as the face of a watch in place” – Cambridge Dictionary} has long been pondered.

However, the final design (first on the right) is quite unique. The phone seems to bend at two, rather large and long, seams which are quite the opposite to what other companies do; the usual thing to do is to use as little space as possible for the seams, reducing the possibility of a fault.


Don’t get your hopes up just yet. There is still a lot of work to do in terms of the engineering of the design. Thus, TCL has no current plans to release any foldable phone before early 2020. My opinion is that these will be somewhat of a gimmick for a few years after that until the designs become more practical and less bulky.

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