Is your username that important?

We have all been there. Just got your new PlayStation. Now it is time to create your PlayStation Network (PSN) account, and you get to choose your name. However, be careful once you have made it there is no going back.

Or is there…

PlayStation has just announced that it will allow users to change their PSN* account name! This is said to happen in early 2019, so only a few more months.

blur close up device display

“Finally” – a quote from all my console gamers

This is excellent news for many people who have been burdened by choice, they made when they were in their early teens, and have been humiliated ever since; so that is the lives of many console gamers.

But is it really a big deal…

Too many people who are gazing in on the world of console gaming, such an amendment may seem pathetic due to many reasons. One of such is the question of why don’t they make a new PSN*: well that would result in them losing their level, status, XP (or any other word for achievements) and in the gaming world players with the most achievements rule over their game. Additionally, many players use real-life currencies such as USD or GBP to purchase in-game items (items that enhance the experience of the user for that game at an extra cost). Moreover, most importantly of all, we are talking about gamers: they are too lazy.

Like a retro game, an old username can hold great nostalgia.
Like a retro game, an old username can hold great nostalgia.

[Some problems: not all games made for all PlayStation systems are guaranteed to support the username change; therefore, gamers may find some errors in certain games]

Despite this, I personally will not change my username, like many others, I wish to keep the nostalgia of a childish, silly and absurd username.

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